Review – Altercation by Mignon Mykel


Altercation (Playmaker Duet Part 1)

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My Review – 4.5 Stars

I absolutely loved this story! There were so many emotions and twists and turns to Porter and Asher’s journey. I was glued to my Kindle until the very last word, and then I shouted to the rooftops because of the cliffhanger. I knew it was coming, so that wasn’t the issue. It was the shock of where Mignon left us. I NEED to know what happens next! Like, right now! I love Porter and Asher so much. I need Asher to finally be free of her past. I need Porter to have Asher’s complete trust. I need their happily-ever-after!

Mignon Mykel did a fabulous job of organically and seamlessly building Porter and Asher’s lives together. I loved how she laid out their relationship over a four year span, highlighting the essential moments to their growth as a couple. After reading Breakaway, Asher’s prequel, I knew Asher was going to need to be handled with care. Porter was going to have to exhibit patience and understanding that most 19 year olds would find overwhelming. But in true Mignon hero fashion, he was more than up for the task of helping his soulmate become whole again.

Porter is THE BEST book boyfriend! I loved everything about the youngest Prescott and hotshot rookie hockey player. He’s sweet, thoughtful, entirely too perceptive, and sexy. He’s not arrogant or hotheaded, and he’s not as experienced sexually as I’ve come to expect from similar books. I loved that he was discovering his sexuality right along with Asher. Part of what made this book so great was how Porter and Asher’s relationship unfolded. I could feel the connection from the moment they met and sense their growing need to be near each other after each interaction. I felt privileged to be in on this love story and their most intimate moments. It was breathtaking to experience each instance that Asher let a piece of her past go to allow Porter to love her a little bit more.

I feel like I need to say more about Asher. After all, they are trying to get past her history to finally find their true happiness together. Asher is an artistic, beautiful soul who is severely bent. I don’t want to say she’s broken, because she’s not. She fought through her demons and is open to the love and family that the Prescotts give her. She’s found her place in the world and is close to accepting it all without reservation. Now she needs to find a way to reshape herself into the woman who can let go of the past and put her trust in the man that loves her unconditionally. Now for my reasoning behind the 4.5 stars…I struggled a bit with her refusal to fully reveal all that happened to her. She doesn’t have to give details, but I would think after 4 years in a relationship, she would be able to open up about who hurt her and how she came to be emancipated.

As a side note, I am a huge sports junkie and love sports romances but only if the author is able to bring the sport to life in my mind. Mignon did that! She brought us some action packed hockey moments and did a fabulous job of conveying the play-by-play.


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