Review – Doctor Bad Boy


Doctor Bad Boy

Frisky Beavers Book 2

By Ainsley Booth & Sadie Haller


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The first time I met Violet Roberts, she gave me her submission for the night. The second time I met her, it was across a boardroom and man, was she pissed.
Now she insists we have a “conflict of interest”. She wants us to “move forward like grown-ups.”
But I can’t forget our single, scorching night together—when what I wanted and how I wanted it wasn’t a problem, because it nailed all her kinky buttons, too.

Max Donovan is a dirty, dirty man. Deliciously so. But the former child TV star turned renowned paediatrician and best friend to the prime minister is also my client.
One of us needs to be responsible, and it’s not going to be him.
So why can’t I forget how utterly incredible it was to be at his mercy? And what am I going to do when he takes his pursuit to the next level?

* A serious case of a one-night stand gone wrong (but not until after it went very, very right).

* Healthy boundaries and a double-dose of will power.
* Should that plan fail, the second course of treatment would be an air-tight contract and a solid cover story.

* Real doctors and lawyers will likely be appalled at the professional infractions inside this (thankfully fictional) erotic romance. We recommend they start with Prime Minister, the first book in the Frisky Beavers series. By the time they finish Gavin and Ellie’s book, they’ll be so enamoured with Max that they’ll forgive his transgressions in the pursuit of his filthy happily ever after ending.

Meet Max and Violet


I devoured this book! Ainsley and Sadie were the perfect writing team for Max and Violet’s story. Ainsley merged her classic contemporary and erotic romance writing style with Sadie’s exquisite detail and sensuality of a BDSM relationship so seamlessly that you would never guess it wasn’t written by one person.

I wanted to get my hot little hands on this book since the moment I finished Prime Minister. I could sense their connection just from Max’s musings in regard to their single night together and couldn’t wait for their book. I needed Max and Violet’s story! I was so excited to finally get to read Violet’s POV. My belief that they were connected viscerally only increased with her telling of their first encounter. There was an element of knowing, a shift in the atmosphere the moment they were in the same room together. Max and Violet’s journey of discovery and love drew me in and held me hostage until those wonderful, yet dreaded, words “The End”.

I loved the D/s relationship between Max and Violet. She’s a natural submissive, responding to him at all times. That’s not to say she’s a pushover. She is so not that! She’s strong and confident, and definitely doesn’t hesitate to call an end to a scene or an uncomfortable situation outside of the kink. In the beginning, I could tell she struggled with the circumstances of her relationship with Max and the effect it would have on her career. Believing she could keep the two separate, she decided Max was worth the risk, at least through their secret weekend adventures. And I’m so glad she developed friendships with Ellie and Sasha; she really needed them to help her navigate this new relationship and her life.

Oh, how I love Max! I definitely found a new book boyfriend to add to my collection. It’s getting quite large thanks to these two authors! He is the perfect Dom, always in tune to Violet’s needs and limits. He’s also a caring and giving man. I loved reading about his interactions with his pediatric patients and their families as well, which only endeared him to me more.

I love the speed of their relationship. It’s perfect for them and their personalities. An incredible night of pure bliss and a D/s encounter neither had experienced before is just the beginning, especially for a newbie like Violet and a confused Max, who is accustomed to strictly “professional” relationships. Max and Violet are thrown together in a professional capacity after 3 months of fantasy fueled self gratification. Instead of jumping into another scene that they both clearly want, Violet keeps her head about her and resists the possibilities Max presents. I was so glad that the authors did this. It allowed the characters to get a handle on their emotions and decide what they would be to each other. It was especially important in determining boundaries and what type of BDSM exchange each desired. Discovering their compatibility in this area only strengthened their connection, which played out in deliciously passionate and sensual ways. I loved the surprises and scenes Max planned for Violet. I couldn’t get enough! The sex between Max and Violet was extremely hot and satisfying. Even my heart was racing and my skin was flushed. Her anticipation and need so palpable that I felt like I was experiencing each look and caress, every pinch, strike, and thrust. These vivid descriptions had me wishing for my own release.

As a side note: I will never look at a pomegranate or ottoman the same way again! 😉 I love the picture in the Epilogue. And I can NOT wait for Lachlan’s book!


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