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Stadium of Lights: A Second Chance Sports Romance

By Tia Lewis

Genre: Steamy Sports Romance


Available on Amazon for only 99 cents or Free with Kindle Unlimited!

Cover Designer: RBA Design

He can’t help claiming her. But can he love her?

Max Anderson enjoys all the perks of being a star NFL quarterback―including the women. He has no intention of changing his carefree, hard-loving lifestyle… until a twist of fate reunites him with the girl he knew growing up.

Abby Morrison has worked hard to become a physical therapist. She knows she needs to keep things professional with Max — but the truth is, she’s always loved him. Back then, she hid it. Now, it’s not so easy.

As they rekindle their friendship, the heat between them is impossible to ignore. Soon it flares out of control, and the fallout threatens to ruin everything. Can they salvage a future together … or will the consequences wreck their lives?

My Review

Let me start by saying that I thought this was more of a friends to lovers romance rather than a second chance one. I guess it was characterized as such since these two had been separated when Abby’s father was transferred to Germany all those years ago. Max and Abby had been best friends starting when they were in 1st grade. They knew everything about one another, except for the fact that Abby was in love with Max. She knew him better than anyone, especially the person that he truly was under all the cockiness and bravado. But she was a tall, gawky kid who wasn’t seen as someone suited for the quarterback, not even by him. Fast forward to present day (10 years later), and Abby is a beautiful, strong, sharp, and fierce woman. I loved her! She’s witty, sarcastic, and completely self-assured…until she sees Max. He makes her revert back to those days of frizzy hair, glasses, and awkwardness. She keeps wondering if he will ever see her as someone he could love and be truly happy with. Or would she forever be in the friend-zone?

I loved how their relationship progressed. Yes, he found her attractive, but this was the girl he always thought of as a sister. How could he get past that? I guess seeing her flirting with his teammates should do the trick (not that that was her intention). Men are so easy! I couldn’t get enough of their arguing over it. I wanted to laugh at Max as he struggled with his conflicting emotions and slap him for the indignation Abby felt. Eventually, those strong emotions on both sides result in the explosive chemistry that we see throughout this book. And I would be remiss in not mentioning that the sex is so very hot.

I also enjoyed the football in this book. I really felt like I was at the game during those moments that Abby was watching Max play. I’m also glad that she didn’t kowtow to the coach and players when they tried to disregard her concerns regarding an injury or the potential for one.

Now I need to say something about the first chapter of this book. Don’t let it turn you off of this story. Max comes off as your typical cocky, man-whoring quarterback. He completely rubbed me the wrong way, along with all his teammates. But I guess the author is trying to set the stage for how Max turns his attitude and life around for Abby down the road. I also hated the characterization of the cheerleaders. We aren’t all sluts who get passed around the football team. It sounded more like high school or college rather than the NFL. After the moment Abby is brought into the picture, I felt like we were back in adult territory and Max, though still a bit of a cocky bastard at times, was capable of thinking about more than his sex life.

ExcerptThe time came around nine o’clock when we’d all stuffed ourselves. Abby stood up from the table, a little wobbly. I swooped in, waiting for her to decide it was time to go.

“Come on. I’ll take you home,” I murmured, taking her by the elbow. She looked up at me.

“No,” she murmured.


“No. I don’t want you to take me home. Now will you move?”

“Wait. Slow down.”

“I want somebody else, Max. Now move.”


“Anybody. It doesn’t matter. Just not you.” She shook me off—thank God we’d both been whispering, or practically, because it didn’t seem like anybody else noticed. I followed her out the door to the restaurant’s entrance.

“You can’t drive in this condition,” I warned her.

“Then I’ll get a cab. You can leave now.” She glared at me, her cheeks flushed.


“You ruined it. You always ruin it.”

“How the hell did I ruin anything?”

She looked back into the restaurant, frowning. “I was having fun. People were talking to me, seeing me, liking me. And you had to take over like you always do.”

My car pulled up in front of us, and I took the keys from the valet. “Come on. I’ll drive you home, and we can talk about it on the way.” I practically threw her into the car before she could curse me out, then got in myself. Once I locked the doors from my side, she couldn’t open them.

“What the fuck Max!” She slapped the dashboard, then sank into her seat with a groan. “I was having fun. I was about to get laid, damn it!”

I bit my tongue until I calmed down. “By whom?”

“I don’t know! What did it matter? I was gonna get some for me, for once. And you won’t let me. I have to always be there for you, but you can never be there for me. You couldn’t just let me enjoy myself. No, you probably wanted to tell me all about your stupid fucking cheerleader girlfriend and ask me what you should do about her!” There was so much venom in her voice. She hated me.

I pulled over to the shoulder of the road. “What are you doing?” she asked. I unbuckled my belt without saying a word, then turned to her.

“You wanna know why I wanted to take you home?” I reached out, grabbing her by the shoulders. I pulled her to me before she could push me away and crushed my mouth against hers.

She only fought me for a split second before giving in. She sighed, relaxing, and I wrapped my arms around her. Her lips were so sweet, soft and yielding. When I slid my tongue between them, they opened to give me better access. I tasted the inside of her mouth, taking my time. This girl who had been my friend for so long, and she was right—I’d used her in a way. This girl who was always there for me without asking anything in return. This sexy, incredible girl.

The kiss deepened, with her tongue dancing alongside mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck, almost growling. Sounding hungry, desperate. I ran one of my hands over her body, listening to the way the breath caught in her throat. She whined a little, pressing against me, and when I made contact with her tits she moaned into my mouth.

By the time the kiss ended, we were both breathless. Her eyes were wide, stunned.

“That’s why,” I whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.


Tia Lewis is a romance author from the Midwest who writes about smart, sexy, sassy women and hot, possessive alpha males. Her favorite bad boys to write about include sports players, mafia, bikers, billionaires and the bad-ass next door. You can find her cooking, reading, or traveling when she’s not busy working on her next release.

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