New Release & Review of Revenge by Lauren Landish


Revenge by Lauren Landish

Book 1 (Standalone)

Publication Date: September 16, 2016

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Revenge never tasted so sweet…

The DeLaCoeur family destroyed mine, and ever since I was a little girl, I vowed I would have my revenge.

Now the time has come, and I’ve waited my whole life for this. The heir to the family fortune is first on my list. Jackson. It should be easy—he’s just a billionaire playboy that’s used to women falling at his knees. I’ll play along, I’ll seduce him, and I’ll humiliate him. But the second his warm lips burn into my neck, I fear that I might wind up sleeping with the enemy..

She pulled my c*ck out in front of the paparazzi… now it’s war.

Katrina Grammercy is after me for a crime I didn’t commit.  She wants to ruin my reputation—make me pay for my father’s sins.

But she doesn’t know who she’s f*cking with. In this game, I make the rules.  She’ll be just like the rest—one taste of me, and she’s done.

She wants revenge?

I’ll give her revenge, by owning her sweet, tight little ass.


“Shh baby, we’re going to have a lot of fun,” she reassures me as she shoots me that fallen angel’s smile again. She reaches the waistband of my pants and cocks her head when she sees that I’m wearing suspenders. Well, no shit, I’m wearing a tux, and you don’t wear a belt with a tux. “I like it. Very fucking sexy,” she says as she gives me a seductive smile.

I reach down to stroke her hair. I’m only dimly aware of Mike saying something up front, but whatever it is, it doesn’t fucking matter. All that matters is this sex goddess in front of me, and the way her fingers are unzipping my pants.

“Mmm, you’re so big,” she whispers. I’m trembling again as she reaches in. I’m rock-hard, and “Kitty” licks her lips as she leans in closer…closer…

Suddenly, she pulls back as she jabs me right in the chest. I’m shocked as she opens the limo door to a crowd of paparazzi. My cock’s still hanging out for the whole world to see, and countless flashes are going off. I can hear gasps of surprise, but also mocking laughter as Kitty sits back. She gives me an evil grin as she pulls what I’m just now realizing is a wig off of her head. “Well, well, Jackson…nice to see you again,” she says, but the tone of her voice indicates otherwise.

I blink, and suddenly the face in front of me becomes familiar. The blue eyes that I haven’t seen in ten years, the angular jawline, and hair so dark it’s almost black, but it’s shorter than it was before…I can’t believe it, but it’s true.

“Katrina?” I whisper, which is the most I seem to be able to do.

“It’s Kat,” she says as she pulls some sunglasses out of her tiny purse. She puts them on before getting out of the limo, leaving the blonde wig behind. “And you just got scratched.”

“This means war.”

My Review
I devoured this book! If you liked the show Revenge, you’ll love this book. The synopsis didn’t do it justice. The author did a fantastic job with the different aspects of the story and skills of the characters. She definitely did her research or has some hidden talents.

There was so much substance and depth to her characters. I loved that they were all fighters both physically or mentally, not backing down from their goal, especially when death was a possibility. I was expecting Jackson to be a selfish, cocky man-whore. Granted he seemed to be a little bit of a douche-bag in the very beginning, but he quickly redeemed himself once he realized the truth. Now he has to decide if he can turn his back on his family and the comforts of being a DeLaCroeurs to help the one person who made him feel loved all those years ago.

Katrina is a smart, bad-ass woman. I love her spirit and strength. She’s endured so much since her parents died. The question is, what will she do once she no longer has a mission or the motivation she held so tightly to in order to exact her revenge? And what will falling for Jackson do to her anger and need for vengeance? Can she let him in? Or will it ultimately destroy everything she’s worked towards? Before she didn’t care if she lived or died; all that mattered was taking down the DeLaCroeurs. Could she really hope for and want to think about having a future?

So many questions! You’ll just have to read the book to find out what happens. 😉

Coming Soon


Retaliation: Book 2 – September 23, 2016

Retribution: Book 3 – September 30, 2016


Lauren Landish is a Bestselling Author of Romance. Writing has always been her first love and she’s happy to write for women who are thirsty for a little heat in the bedroom!

Lauren now resides in North Carolina with her boyfriend and her fur baby.


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