Review of Torn by Carian Cole

My Review

First let me say that this isn’t your typical MC romance. If you’re looking for the hardcore, bad boy, motorcycle riding criminal, you won’t find it here. This is a group of motorcycle riding brothers who rescue animals. They do good, and it’s totally worth the read.

Moving on to my review…
I absolutely loved this story! I’ve never read Carian Cole before, but I will definitely be adding her other books to my TBR list and anxiously awaiting the next Devils Wolves books. She is a talented writer! Carian is poetic in her descriptions of love and heartache. I felt every word deep in my soul, and I ached for Toren and Kenzi to have their happily ever after. I wanted this epic love between them to flourish and be accepted. Carian also did a wonderful job incorporating the animal rescue mission into their lives.

I loved how she wove this story through the past and present, so we could see how Toren and Kenzi’s relationship developed and grew over the years. At times, it was hard to get past their history, because the author kept showing those moments from when she was younger. It would have been easy to mention it at the beginning of the story, have their relationship progress, and then the fall out with the family and friends, but that’s not what she does. The reader is forced to live that history and put themselves in a position to judge these two characters as everyone else might but also get to see how deeply they love. Tor and Kenzi’s connection is visceral. There’s already so much love and acceptance there to build on. And as weird as it sounds, I think her mom would be happy for and supportive of them.

These characters were well written and complex. The author was able to honestly impart all the emotions they experienced. It’s apparent that Kenzi is an old soul, in part due to how she grew up. She is smart, compassionate, and beautiful both inside and out. Tor is an enigma. He’s this ex-rocker, biker with long hair, muscles for days, and tats, but he’s old fashioned, sensitive, and looking to settle down not screw around. I loved it!


“I wished you would never doubt me again. I’ve spent almost eighteen years being there for you, Angel. Because I want to. No one ever made me or expected me to. You’re just where I always wanted to be.”
– Toren

I didn’t know an orgasm could feel so amazing, or that feeling him shudder and come would make me feel like the entire world just stopped and only we existed, as one continuously joined, unbreakable heart.
– Kenzi

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