Who doesn’t love a SEAL?!

I just finished the 4 most recent SEAL related releases by Zoe York- Fall Dirty, Fall Quiet, Ruined by the SEAL, and Cherished by the SEAL. And I gotta say, “WOW!” While her SEAL series are more novella style, they are probably the hottest. I’m talking about tall, ripped, powerful, passionate SEALs who finally meet the one. And when they fall, they fall hard! Who wouldn’t love that?!

I don’t even know where to begin when trying to express how much I love Zoe York! She has this way with words that completely pulls you into her characters’ thoughts and feelings. I always get so emotionally wrapped up in her stories. She’s made me laugh, cry, fall in love, and feel the passion right along with her heroes and heroines. I’ve had my heart broken and put back together again all between the covers of her books. Check out Zoe’s website for a list of all of her books and series. I’ll be featuring her other series in future posts as new books are released. If you want to get a head start, some of her books are free or 99 cents! And while they are connected within the series, each book can be read as a standalone.

Three of the books I mentioned above can be found in boxed sets, which are only 99 cents. Click on the pictures to go to their Goodreads pages for more information. My reviews of Zoe’s books are below. You can find out more about her SEAL series, SEALs Undone and ASSIGNMENT: Caribbean Nights, by clicking on the name.


SEALs of Summer 3

SEALs of Summer 3 includes Fall Dirty (SEALs Undone book 8).

This novella starts off with a bang, literally. 😉 Such a hot story by Zoe York! She definitely knows how to write kink. I felt every moment of Hunter and Serena’s passion and need. There was so much sexual tension throughout this story. I felt so bad for Serena, hiding her submissive side, wanting more and being scared to express it. She thought she would have to give up a piece of who she is for love. She knew Hunter wasn’t into the same things, and it can be confusing laying out the kink to someone new to it. I’m so glad they were finally able to communicate (thanks to Quinn). And Hunter learning how to be kinky was HOT!

romancing the alpha 2

Romancing the Alpha 2 includes Fall Quiet (SEALs Undone book 9).

Loved Leah and Quinn! Especially the moment he realized she was a top. Her teasing him when they first talked about her kink had me fanning myself. I could totally see Quinn tied up waiting for gratification. So hot!!! I love how Leah loses herself when she’s with Quinn. She’s this tough as nails Master Sergeant who likes to be in control; but with him, she just melts into his kisses and touches. And Chapter 8!!! Whew! I can’t wait for more of this couple! And knowing Zoe, there will be more.

ruined by the seal

Ruined by the SEAL is book 2 in the ASSIGNMENT: Caribbean Nights series. This is Zoe’s first book in the series.

I really enjoy the enemies to lovers trope. Mick and Cara would never have been enemies if it weren’t for a misunderstanding about the ownership of a sugar plantation. From the start, it is clear that these are two souls looking for a purpose. Mick needs something to forget his discharge from the SEAL Team he loves, and Cara is trying to prove herself to the Historical Society. And when these two head strong and passionate people are confronted with each other, it’s cataclysmic.

I love Mick and Cara! Zoe always does an excellent job developing her characters, and these aren’t any different. The tension is palpable from the moment they meet. And when they finally make love, that’s exactly what it is. There is this undeniable connection way beyond chemistry or lust. I love how they both seem a little broken and lost but are able to move beyond their pasts and grow from that, seeing their worth and what they are capable of.

feel the heat

Feel the Heat includes Cherished by the SEAL (ASSIGNMENT: Caribbean Nights).

I love friends to lovers stories, and this one doesn’t disappoint! Oh, how I love Logan and Tori’s beginning, which is what we get in this novella. Without giving anything away, these two best friends end up on a honeymoon vacation that wasn’t meant for them. What we get is explosive chemistry and an outpouring of love that was hidden for years. Zoe does a superb job of communicating the longing, passion, and love Logan and Tori experience so that you feel it in your bones.

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