First blog post

I’ve been considering writing a blog for a few weeks now. When I woke up around 5:30 this morning with countless ideas running through my head, I decided why not?! So here it is. I hope you enjoy!

A Little About Me

I’m a devoted wife, mother of 2 beautiful children and 2 dogs, a music and sports enthusiast, and an avid reader. Some might say I have a bit of an addiction to books. I buy them faster than I can read them. It’s likely I will die before I’ve made it through my TBR list. I even have a spreadsheet with all of my book purchases. I’ve been known to reread books and wonder why they seem familiar, so I added a “Read” column. Now I can keep track of those, too. This year, I decided to take part in the 2016 Goodreads reading challenge. I’m 75 books in already!

When I was little, my mom would punish me by taking my books away. Seriously, what kid with a love of books really feels punished when sent to their room? She figured that one out real quick! I was also a bit of a writer when I was growing up. I loved writing poems and short stories. Of course, school assignments killed that desire. Anyway, I’d rather be reading all these marvelous books than writing them. And now I hope to share my favorites with you!

My Current “Obsession”

For those that don’t know me or haven’t figured it out yet, I can be a bit obsessive. Or maybe hyper focused is a better term. When I find an author that I like, I will read every one of their books. In a row. I found Sandra Brown a few years back, and ended up buying all of her earlier books on eBay. The invention of ebooks has made my addiction easier to satisfy. Maybe that’s not a good thing; at least not for my bank account.

I recently found and am currently reading Fifi Flowers‘ books. She is an artist turned author. Her books are masterfully written, the descriptions making you want to visit all of the different locales. She also does a great job developing her characters and making their road to HEA believable. Bonus – they’re super steamy! If you are interested in checking her out, all of her books (except Reclining Nude in Chicago, which will be released July 18th as an expanded version) are available for $0.99 or free through Kindle Unlimited. Check out my reviews for Reclining Nude in Chicago, Window to Love, Drawn to a Cowboy, and Just a Number on Goodreads.

Happy reading!!!

Fifi Flowers' Books


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