Who doesn’t love a SEAL?!

I just finished the 4 most recent SEAL related releases by Zoe York- Fall Dirty, Fall Quiet, Ruined by the SEAL, and Cherished by the SEAL. And I gotta say, "WOW!" While her SEAL series are more novella style, they are probably the hottest. I'm talking about tall, ripped, powerful, passionate SEALs who finally meet the one. … Continue reading Who doesn’t love a SEAL?!


Julia Kent is a must for your summer reading

If you haven't read Julia Kent's books, you are missing out. She is crazy hilarious! Your family, friends, and even strangers will stare, because you can't stop laughing. I felt sorry for the people next to me on my flight to Mexico. I wonder what it would be like to be her friend every time I … Continue reading Julia Kent is a must for your summer reading